Residential Properties

What is a Perfect Interior? 

Interior should be captivating, but at the same time comfortable.

Creation of the perfect residential interior requires, first of all, a thorough knowledge of the traditions and habits of its owners, taking into account the psychology of the environment and, as a rule, the different taste preferences of each family member.

Project Managment

We practice different approaches for the creation of residential projects.

This may be the embodiment of the interior under the artistic authorship of the Clients with the professional refinement accomplished by our team. The result will present original aesthetics and functionality.

Or a turnkey project realization, involving specialized in residential premises architect, designer, engineering team, as well as light designer, acoustic designer, aroma systems technician.

Design Development

The design development of specific areas as wine and cigar rooms, wellness, aqua and sports areas, private game and cinema halls is not only about aesthetics, but , first of all, proper engineering, which are coordinated between specialists to ensure high-precision design and further cost optimization.

And, of course, magnificent flowers, plants, shrubs, trees! It is amazing how a floral decor, a winter garden, or a landscape design can turn a property into the artwork.

Security Systems

Particular emphasis is dedicated to the engineering design of security systems, in compliance with the protocols of information inaccessibility to various parties involved in the project. An ultimate component of the security system in residential buildings is a bunker.

Products Selection

After the approval of the visualization / virtual reality of the design project along with the technical documentation, starts a careful selection of manufacturers of finishing materials, furniture, lighting, household appliances from around the world, to optimize the price-quality ratio, as well as starts the selection of collection furnishings or the development of individual furnishings design, the harmonization of patterns of stone, wood, textures of textiles and finishing materials, interior color palette.

Quality Control, Shipment, Installation

The next is the production stage, where quality control is carried out at different stages of production for the general appearance (appearance of unit, used materials, sharp edges, odor, color, marks, knots, insect holes, coatings etc), functionality, measurements, safety testings, packaging. After the quality acceptance of the products by the supervisor, delivery and installation are carried out. 


Final special touch is the decoration with bespoke art-de-table, finest home wear and elegant bedding, custom made interior perfumes, which fragrance is felt only in this Home and nowhere else. To remind the Home atmosphere in any corner of the world.