We interpret the Living Hall as the epitome of a scintillating lifestyle and high hospitality, where life is experienced as enjoyment and art.


Range of furniture with saddle leather or nabuk detail.

Structure available in plain or with “baguette”stitching.

Vertical finishing of the armrest in “baguette” stitching, top in cuoio leather


Curved-end models with elegant linear stitchings help to create sinuous ambiances.

Sofas are available in modular compositions.


Particularity of the model is metal decors, covered in smooth or printed leather.

Upholstered furniture made in leather or textile.


Range of models characterised by brushed brass details.

Upholstered furniture decorated with plisse  finishings on the backrest.


Design inspired by grand Elisabethan Collar and interpreted in contemporary style.

Soft leather or nabuk finishings, enriched by artisanal stitching, create an extremely comfortable and welcoming seat.


The name identifies the main design trait of a continuous shape.

The infinity concept is also recurrent in the glossy gold and dark chrome hand-finished components of the structure, which constantly repeat to create an unique, sculptured-like piece.

Structure in hand-finished dark chrome metal


Contemporary and cozy design, available in artistic embroidery matelasse, baguette, onda, or even more decorative combination of few embroideries in the same interior.

Combination of leather structure and nabuk cushions in plain finishing.

Combination of plisse finishing on the nabuk backrest, matelasse finishing on decorative nabuk pillows and plain leather structure.


Modular sofas with bookshelf-armrests, shelves-backrests and side table units.

Also features raw-cut leather. 


A range of models decorated with brushed brass and bronze drawn tubes that, combined with the leather, create a stylish pattern.


Classic capitone finishing combined with contemporary shapes of the model range presents sophisticated design.

Available in nabuk, textile or soft leather.


Laconic design of plain and matelasse combination. 

Invisible metal base creates the effect of the lightness of the models.


Model range is refined with fragments of baguette finishing.

Available in leather, nabuk or textile.


Extravagant shape, adorned with metal frames. 

Variations in plain or embroidered leather.


Range of modular sofas and armchairs, characterised by the plain design on internal elements and decorative stitchings on the outer sides and outer backrest.

Combination of textile and leather is proposed for these models.

Modules include middle table in metal finishing.


Plain texture and total absence of decorative elements on extra large modules represent graceful contemporary design.

Particularly suggested in velvet.


Design characterised by an upholstered braided structure. 

A “nest” that displays high craftsmanship skills and features extremely comfortable seating.


Models adorned with graceful base with leather matelasse pattern. 

Available in leather, nabuk or textile, with colors and textures combination.

Oscar Chic

Compared to the model “Oscar”, the “Oscar Chic” design represents a reduced seat height and a second supporting base to style the model variation with elegance.


Range of models with metal frames with inlaid leather detailing.

Metal available in bronze or black chrome.


Models characterised by twisted metal elements, combined with plain or matelasse pattern.

Twisted elements available also in upholstered finishing.

Back cushions for sofas provide an extraordinary comfort.


Glamour design of glossy metal inlays, artisanal embroidery Elle, Onda or Spigato.

Suggested in monocolor dark velvets.