Kitchen & Dining Room


Kitchen wall unit in water-based laminated olive wood. Internal matt finish lacquered with anti-scratch treatment.

Equipped with a system of coplanar sliding doors in tempered transparent smoky glass.

Metal detailing in stinless steel, with superficial finish anodized effect, nickel colour with anti-scratch treatment.



Kitchen with matt lacquered infill panel doors and sides.

Internal finishing in water-based European smoky oak.

Electrical double door system.

Kitchen island with acrylic-based anti-scratch matt lacquered finish. Top equipped with sensotronic extraction system. Internal island box with lift, remotely controlled with safety lock devices.  


Kitchen in acacia fume veneer. Central element in matt laquered tortora grey color with anti scratch treatment.

Multilayer structure in poplar wood, layered with HDF, additionally plated with acacia fume’.


Concept Island

External finishing – waterproof cement 3mm.

Side shelves in COR-TEN steel treated with wax. Top in multilayer fir H50 mm., plated in HDF and cement. 

Structure in poplar multilayer wood.  

Soft close automatic system.  


Kitchen in walnut essence veneer, in its natural finishing.

Metal details in stainless steel.

Structure is a multilayer poplar wood, treated with high resistance laminate layer. 



New vision on the materials philosophy. Kitchen, within its structure and accessories, is presented in a Juglans Regia walnut.

Laminated, which provides additional level of protection for the wood essence.


Modular systems with closing facade panels allow to conceal completely kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe, TV and fireplace and other areas.
Standard finishing in European walnut with anti-scratch coating, or other custom finishing.
Remote or mechanical control is available.