Jets & Yachts

“The sea and the sky are two symbols of infinity”- G. Mazzini.

Magnificent yachts and planes cut through intercontinental spaces. 
And the enjoyment of movement acquires the highest emotional and aesthetic degree in their luxurious interiors.
Interior of a private jet or a yacht offers its owners and guests a seductive lifestyle, whether becoming a sheltered home, relaxing area, private casino or inspiring office.

Apotheosis of aesthetics, comfort, functionality and safety.

Ultra-thin marble panels reinforced with a heavy-duty aluminum base, deck board made of Burmese limited teak, velvety carpets, fireplace decorated with waterproof Nappa leather – are just some of the components of exclusive jets, yachts and cruise ships, allowing to maintain as the priority fundamental safety rules, combustibility, weight, strength of materials.

Allure Luxury Group considers the interior not just from the perspective of an aesthetic and ergonomic solution of the space, but as one of the key factors that directly affect the prism of perception and, accordingly, the degree of satisfaction from life.

We live once. And we all sincerely wish that our life and the life of our future generations would be uncompromisingly embellished with the environments that match our true dreams.