professional aromatization

Bespoke Ambient Fragrance

Creating elite spaces, we work not only on the emotional level, but also on the sensory level, by awakening sensations.

Smells affect our sensations in ways that elude vision and sound. Smells evoke  associative memories or imagination that forms new impressions.

The olfactory memory captures in the mind odors that cannot be changed. This odors  connect us with people, objects, places that will never be lost in our memory. That is why, designing a personal perfume its not only about a unique fragrance, but, mostly, it is about creating a history with it.

The creative process of the bespoke perfume begins with an idea. Followed by  the first samples of precious aroma essences and exclusive formula of the perfume, it turns into a loop aroma which ultimately best reflects the individuality of space.

Allure Luxury Group cooperates with one of the best laboratories in Grasse and with prestigious fragrance makers in Florence. 

Our ambient perfumes are hypoallergenic, provided with a safety certificate (MSDS) and registered in the Italian Ministry of Health and are in compliance with VOC and IFRA standards. 

Systems for air sanitation and aromatization

After creating a signature fragrance it is eminent to select the most suitable professional diffuser system. Diffusers can be mobile, wall-mounted or hidden in the air conditioning / ventilation system, with the REMOTE CONTROL function to connect to aroma diffusers with computer, smartphone or tablet at any time, from anywhere and to control the aroma distribution system.

Sanitation systems are presented with two most contemporry technologies:
– ozone based sanitation
– hydrogen peroxide and silver ions disinfection
Machines are used as well in combination with the scenting solutions, thus sanitizing the ambiance during the night and scenting the same space during the day.

Hydrogen peroxide and silver ions disinfection technology

Our atmosphere carries a considerable array of infective agents.

Hydrogen Peroxide provides a biocidal action via the OH- hydroxyl radicals produced by the H2O2 → 2OHH2O + O2 reaction. H2O2 (i.e. Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour or HPV) at 60°C strengthens the biocidal action.

Due to its very short-lived reaction, the Silver Clean solution doesn’t generate organic volatile particles.

Silver ions are particularly active in penetrating the bacterial cell. Silver ions link with the cell DNA, proteins and enzymes and, thus, determine cell destruction.

A mere 1ppm of elementary silver solution content is sufficient to provide an effective bactericidal action. Synergic performance with the hydrogen peroxide contents results in the wide-spectrum destruction of microorganisms.

Hydrogen peroxide and silver ions disinfection system

Microbiological testing with the Enjoy Sanity and the Silver Clean solution
proves that Enjoy Sanity is effectively capable of destroying bacterial and fungal contamination in the air and on surfaces in just 1 hour after treatment. In 3 hours after treatment, a 99% reduction on the initial values is recorded.

Disinfectant vaporisation with hydrogen peroxide contents is a common process for the sterilization of surgical instruments. The same vaporization system can be used for environmental air disinfection.

Silver Clean vaporization and diffusion doesn’t cause corrosion or any other problem on the Enjoy Sanity system devices. The active substances in the disinfectant solution rapidly dissolves in water and oxygen, ensuring the total absence of any toxic waste. No allergenic components are used in our products.

Hydrogen peroxide and silver ions disinfection system

  • The Enjoy Sanity is the most modern and flexible system to disinfect surgical instruments, with no risk of corrosion and/or damages.

  • Enjoy Sanity is recommended for every day use for an optimal disinfection of the environment.

  • The device is completely automatic and doesnt require professional assustance in installation and maintenance.

  • Technical data:
  • Power supply:V220 – Hz 50
  • Max power: W 150
  • Dimension: 300x180xH380 mm, 3 kg
  • Serial ports: one RS 232 – preset for 485 connection
  • Made in Italy

Ozone based sanitation technology

The power of ozone to sanitize air, water and surfaces is due to its ability to break down the cell membranes underlying the vital integrity of bacterial cells. It acts against fungi, microbes, viruses, pathogenic agents, salmonella, dust mites, shield bugs, insects, fleas, ticks and lice by completely breaking down into oxygen within 30-60 minutes from use.

Being a highly unstable molecule, Ozone has a high oxidizing power and it is able to break down non-biodegradable complex organic compounds. As it completely breaks down into oxygen, it does not require any elimination treatment.


  • SANITIZES closed environments
  • REMOVES odors
  • ELIMINATES bacteria, fungi and molds
  • INACTIVATES viruses
  • REPELS insects
  • BREAKS DOWN organic matter
  • PRECIPITATES metals, calcium, magnesium and arsenic
  • DISINFECTS clothes and footwear

Ozone sanitation system for large public areas

ScentO3 Professional can be used in public spaces including areas with special hygienic requirements as medical and food environments.

Available in 2 versions: either to be fixed to the wall or mobile.

Size: mm 120x210x340
Weight: KG 5
Material: stainless steel
Ozone Output: 5000 mg/h
Power: 110-260 VAC 50/60 HZ
Power consumption: 200mA

Ozone sanitation system for home

Scent O3 Smart is ozone-emitting appliance that can be employed for home use or smaller public environments.

Can be programmed manually or by remote control, can also be fixed to the wall.

Size: cm 29x29x7
Weight: KG 1,5
Ozone Output: 400 gr / hr
Coverage Area in Closed Environment: up to 300 m³
Power: AC220V±10% / 50Hz
Power during Use: 15W/18W
Gas/Min: 3-3,6 L/minute
Max Time: 2 hours

Ozone in-water sanitation of food and clothes

Compact ozone-emitting appliances for in-water sanitation, available in two variations: Scent O3 Compact and Scent O3 S.

Disinfection of fruit and vegetables – 20 minutes. It degrades pesticide and chemical products residues, provides bacterial disinfection, viral inactivation, removal of organic components (Phenols, Detergents, Pesticides). Does not change the taste of food. It can be used to all type of raw fruits and vegetables.

Disinfection of dishes – 10 minutes. It disinfects dishes, cutlery, mugs. Can be used in the food service industry (restaurants, hotels, etc.).

Water purification – 10min/10 liters. It destroys organic matter and eliminates germs and some viruses without changing the taste.

Food conservation – 5-10minutes. It delays food degradation caused by bacteria and pesticides odors in the fridge (10 minutes). Eliminates bad odors in the fridge.

Ideal as well for sanitation of small spaces as wardrobe, shoes closet, with an operating time of 5-10 minutes.


Ozone mobile sanitation system

Technical data

  • Ozone emmission:
  • Scent O3 Compact:  300 mg/h
  • Scent O3 S: 400 mg/h
  • Dimension:
  • Scent O3 Compact: 420x144xH100 mm
  • Scent O3 S: 260x160xH45 mm
  • Weight: ≈ 0,5 kg
  • Coverage area in closed environment: up to 50 m³
  • Voltage: 110-220 VAC, frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Max absorbed current: 100 mA
  • Operating temperature: 2 °C – 40 °C
  • Storage temperature: 0 °C – 60 °C
  • Operating humidity: 0% – 90% without condensation
  • Material: plastic
  • Made in Italy

Ozone clothes sanitation

With the use of smaller portable ozone machines, we can use clothings’ bags or small wardrobes and sanitize them in safety all day.

The tube that comes out of the machine is inserted in the sealed containers, where clothes can be placed continuously throughout the day, and the machine operates emitting ozone for only for 2 minutes.

This time ensures the fast breaking down of the bacterial and viral load, and at the same time it leaves the clothes disinfected and safe at every change.

Mobile Fragrance Diffusers

Elegant scent diffusers Enjoy Sensitive Lux and Enjoy Sensitive emit perfume with an Evaporation technology.

Mobile aromatization system is easy to transport and to program.

Scent coverage up to 300 m³, it is the ideal solution for private spaces, smaller hotels and brand environments. 

Just with the touch of a button, it gently decorates the atmosphere with your custom scent.

Select the program, schedule the scent diffusion intensity and enjoy alluring fragrance.

Mobile Fragrance Diffusers

Enjoy Sensitive Lux model is available in 4 colours: white, black, gold and silver.

Enjoy Sensitive model is available in 6 finishings: dark grey, light grey, white, black, brown and new carbon fiber cover.

Technical Data

Scent coverage in closed enviroment up to 300 m3

Enjoy sensitive Lux: cm 25x25xH73, 7 kg

Enjoy sensitive: cm 22x22xH73, 12 kg

Supply: V230 – HZ50

Max power absorbed: W 150

Easy to use and install

Including programmable computerized system

Made in Italy

Wall-mounted Fragrance Diffusers

The Enjoy Mood 2.0 model is a micro-nebulizer of essences with a greater scent coverage, up to 500 m3.

Very intuitive, portable and easy to set up, it does not require any maintenance and can be managed with a complete programming menu.

It can be hung at the wall, positioned on the floor or connected into the air conditioning ducts.

Wall-mounted Fragrance Diffusers

Spray system that releases olfactory particles, less than a micron, using an air compressor, which converts the liquid perfume to the gaseous state.

Intuitive and complete backlit display for diffusion programming. 

The design allows the change the covers with numerous colors and textures.

Versatile, compact and easy to use, the set contains all accessories needed to install the diffuser to the ground, wall or air conditioning ducts.

Technical Data

Scent coverage in closed enviroment up to 500 m3

Dimension: cm 30,5×6,5xH20,5, 1,5 kg

Power: V12 (V110-240 – HZ50-60)

Consumption: (0,68-2) A

Fragrance refill: 850 ml

Very small and easy to use and install

Made in Italy

Systems incorporated in air conditioning / ventilation

The Enjoy Remote Plus model is a scent diffusion system that is connected to the HVAC system and that can exhale the most consistent scent by a Nebulization process.

Adapted with 4 venturi systems, it provides a scenting capacity up to 1800 m³.

GPRS integrated system with a remote control device.

Optimal scent diffusion through the HVAC system for large halls, lobbies, SPAs, department stores, retail stores & more.

Compact in size and is extremely silent.

Systems incorporated in air conditioning / ventilation

The Enjoy Remote model is adapted with 2 venturi systems, with a scenting capacity up to 1200 m³.

GPRS integrated system with a remote control device.

Remote Control

The GPRS system allows a real time remote control of the scenting system through computer, smartphone or tablet.

Thanks to the remote control system, it is possible to schedule and regulate the scent diffusion desired timings and preferred perfume intensity, to allow a constant and persistent aromatization. 

Technical Data

Scent coverage in closed enviroment:

  • Enjoy Remote Plus up to 1800 m³
  • Enjoy Remote up to 1200 m³

Dimension: cm 34x12xH21, 4 kg

Material: steel

Flow: 11L/m, Pressure: 1 Bar

Tension: 100-230 Vac

Supply: V12, Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Fragrance level meter with replacement warning

Remote programming and aroma scenario scheduling (time, intensity)

Consumption report and calculation of stock refills

Made in Italy

Aromatization of events

Fragrance is a powerful communication tool that allows to reach the soul without using words.

Aromatization of the event is the final point in the development of emotional experience. Due to the power of the fragrance, the event will acquire a sensual shade.

Our experts provides assistance in fragrance selection offering a collection of fragrances or creating a bespoke perfume.

Analyzing the location of the event, we will provide the best solution for aroma diffusion during the event, and we will support you at every stage of the process: from installation to dismantling of aroma systems.