Commercial Properties

Functionality and Status

The basis in realization of offices, conference halls, public areas and business premises –  is the optimization of space and ergonomics. Comfortable formation of the office infrastructure benefits business time. 

While philosophy of the interior decoration is aimed to frame the image and to inspire for the efficient performance.


An essential element is the anti-vandal coating of floor coverings and furniture surfaces for their better preservation. Depending on the load intensity, different degrees of surface protection are possible – whether wooden floors at airports and shopping malls or finishes of an elite cabinet.

Environmental psychology studies the influence of the factors of material reality on person. Combining with the architectural psychology, architects, interior designers, decorators can conduct the emotions. Everyone knows how geometric shapes, colors, tactile sensations, fragrances, sounds consciously and subconsciously evoke the perception of security, confidence, inspiration, relaxation, which are so helpful in the achievemnt the success.