Allure Luxury Group

interiors as a lifestyle

Established in 2010, Allure Luxury Group operates in two fields of interior arts:

– International General Contractor for turn-key implementation of elite residential properties, commercial premises, hospitality establishments, aircrafts, yachts and cruise ships.

– Exclusive Distributor of high-end Artisans for the international introduction if their unique arts.

Allure, translated from French, means to delight, astonish, charm ….. It is this feeling that became the credo for our team: to create interiors that will give the admiration.

International General Contractor

Allure Luxury Group performs worldwide the complete cycle of implementation of the elite interiors, starting from the development of the interior design and ending with the decoration of the atmosphere with a bespoke fragrance. Each project is operated by the proficient, highly qualified Project Manager, who is a single referent for the Customer for all questions. Project Manager disposes the team of straight skilled experts, selected over the 10 years of international activity of Allure Luxury Group. The team is represented by Architects, Designers, Decorators – taking into account their stylistic orientation, engineers and technicians.

Allure Luxury Group cooperates as well with Architects and Designers with a unique emphasis in their style, for one-of-a-kind artful conceptions. At the same time, a very authentic design can be created under the artistic authorship of the property’s Owner. In such cases, our specialists professionally “polish” the project.

At the implementation stage, Allure Luxury Group procurement Manufacturers with narrow production specialization, guided by the Manufacturer’s up-to-dated reliability.

Quality control experts of Allure Luxury Group visit factories at three stages of order production, while the final acceptance of products in terms of quality and quantity is carried out with full installation before the shipment.

Allure Luxury Group provides international delivery, customs clearance and installation, followed by warranty service.

The embodiment of a dream interior into the alluring reality is similar to the alchemy, and we are proud of our involvement in it.

Exclusive Distributor of high-end Artisans

Allure Luxury Group continuously selects Artisanal Craftsmen around the world that have preserved and continue to use original techniques along with hand-made arts for the production of exclusive interior pieces.

They are genuine subtle matters in the art of High Interiors.

Our commitment has been to introduce these unique techniques to the international community, thus having become the international platform that unites Decorators, Designers, Architects, Collectors, Interior Boutiques and Connoisseurs of interiors arts.